Terms and Conditions

Basic terms

The transfer service is service for transportation by automobile transport:

- Of one or more passengers whose number is specified in the online booking form;

- From and to the locations specified in the online booking form;

- By an automobile of class specified in the online booking form;

- With the use of additional equipment (such as child car seat) specified in the online booking form;

- On the date and time specified in the online booking form.

1. In the homepage, please, specify in the online booking form your destination, the date and the time of beginning of your transfer.

2. In the detailed online booking form at the next step, please, fill in your destination address, your contact details, specify the number of passengers as well as any additional options you might need. In case you deem necessary to inform us of any other details related to your transfer, please, include them in the field for comments. 

3. Please, submit your booking and wait to receive our confirmation on the e-mail address specified by you in the online booking form. The confirmation of the booking which you will receive from us must be shown to our driver upon meeting him at the airport of Zurich.


The price of transfer displayed on the website economytransferzurich.com depends on the distance from the airport of Zurich to the destination point and on the type of vehicle. The price does not depend on the address within the respective destination.

The price includes one-way travel to the specified destination, including one hour waiting at the airport of Zurich. In case you book service which takes morе than 24 hours, the price includes also daily allowance and accommodation for the driver.      

For destinations that are not included in our list, please, request price by filling-in the request form in the "Request Price" section of our website or by e-mail at raychevtrans@protonmail.ch.

The time of beginning of transfer is the time of pick-up of the passengers by the driver at the airport fo Zurich. Please, note that the pick-up time should be specified in the online booking form in local Swiss time.

The duration of waiting for the passengers at the airport of Zurich during which the cost of the transfer service is not subject to increase is 1 (one) hour from the specified pick-up time. In all other cases, the cost for waiting might be determined directly by the driver and is dependent on the expences that might have been incurred as a result, such as parking taxes, etc. 

Booked transfer can be cancelled due to reasons of the customer by means of sending written notice to us by e-mail at raychevtrans@protonmail.ch.

Changes or cancellation of the transfer service on the initiative of any of the parties can be made not later than 24 (twenty four) hours before the time of the beginning of transfer.

The number of allowed luggage pieces corresponds to the capacity of the chosen vehicle. In the event of extra luggage, the customer is recommended to consult with us in advance on the selection of vehicle.

The payment is made cash to the driver. No advance payment is required. The currency of payment is the same as the currency of prices quotations on the website - Euro.